General Information

During your first Contact C.A.R.E session, Simon will get to know a bit about your background and what’s causing your pain/discomfort. With this information, they will find the parts of your body that are holding built up pressure and will release this pressure using the Flinchlock Release Formula

Loose comfortable clothing is recommended. Patients stay fully clothed for the whole session and the patient’s comfort is the highest priority – so wear something you feel relaxed in.

Yes. Old, unresolved issues can be sorted many years after the first time the issue arose. The pressure is still there, it just needs to be released.

As every injury/issue is unique, there is no set number of visits. Return visits are catered to your individual needs. However, ConTact C.A.R.E. is a hands on approach and patients almost always notice some improvement after their first session.

No. We do not use forcible manipulation techniques. We always move the body to where it is most comfortable. It’s gentle and effective.

Any age! From new-borns who have had traumatic births right up to the elderly. It’s safe, simple and effective; once the pressure has been released the body can start to function as it should – no matter your age.

No. We move away from pain. While some areas may feel tender, we ask you to let us know if there is pain, your comfort is key and also your responsibility.

Yes. Surgery does not release pressure.

For those that require surgery, in our opinion the pressure still needs to be released. Not only does this encourage the natural healing processes of the body it will also aid in your recovery form surgery. Pre and post-surgery is often a very effective option.

This system was developed by Dale Speedy, and has been gaining popularity. To visit his website including courses and practitioners please visit

Yes we do offer these times. Call 0275888437 to discuss options.

Contact Simon and he will make an appointment to see you as soon as possible.

A break is a point where the pressure has blown out, so hospitalisation is required and most likely surgery.

In certain circumstances, yes. We have also done hospital visits. The clinic environment is always recommended but we understand for some this is not possible.

We are not medical practitioners and would recommend seeing your G.P. However, with the knowledge of how everything in our body is connected, releasing pressure can ease stress, tension from the body, which can only do good and can help to alleviate certain symptoms. We don’t claim to cure or heal you; we just release pressure out of the body that has become stuck through surprise impact situations.

To be listened to and observed as your body shows the story your mind is telling. To be treated as an individual with very real issues and to be comfortable and understood.